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Published: 15 October 2021

Miyabi Newsletter

Weekly Curriculum 22 October 2021

We are fully into Autumn now and the days are certainly feeling colder and wetter! Please remember to send your child in with a coat and footwear appropriate for the weather as we will still hope to get outside most days!

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Every day the teachers and the children talk about the ‘Miyabi Values’ during the morning and afternoon ‘circle time’. We focus on each value for two days and explore what they mean and why they are so important. Our value for the day can be found on the Blossom App and it would be wonderful if you could carry on discussing their importance at home and even share what you have learnt and talked about on our ‘Parent Blossom App’.

Communication and Language

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared photographs and experiences that your child has had at home via the
‘Parent Blossom App’, we have loved seeing them so please continue to upload them! Our topic for the next two weeks is ‘The Circus’. If you have ever been to the circus with your child and have any photographs, we would love to see them. Please do send in your child with a photograph as it encourages lots of lovely conversations and listening skills as well as helping them build new friendships.

Physical Development

If your child is at an age where they are able to work towards putting on their coat independently it would be
great if they could start practicing with you at home! If there is a clean floor, we suggest laying it down with the hood at their feet, bending down to put their arms in their sleeves and then swinging it over their heads! We will be practicing this at Miyabi!

Specific Areas

We will be reading lots of different circus themed books both in Japanese and English. We will be encouraging the
children to engage in extended conversations about the stories and learning some new vocabulary. The children will
also have the opportunity to explore their acting skills and pretend they are at the circus! If you have any books at home that relate to this topic then we would love your child to bring them in and we will read them as a class.


The children aged 3 and above have really enjoyed learning phonics. Each week we are introducing a new sound in a fun and interactive way. This is usually in the form of a song and action. There are some excellent parent support videos on the Little Wandle website that will support you in how to pronounce sounds accurately. www.littlewandlelettersandsounds.org.uk/resources/for-parents/


We have and will continue to create opportunities for practical and meaningful math such as counting jumps or counting the number of chop sticks/spoons at the table. Our theme of the circus creates lots of opportunities to develop mathematical language which is key in the nursery phase and it would be great if this could also be modelled at home.

Thank you for your support!

Miyabi Team

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