The Miyabi Way

The Miyabi Way

Our methodology consists of all the components which make Miyabi unique. The goal of methodology is for our children to be filled with joy, empathy and wisdom. Our methodology revolves around achieving a healthy equilibrium between the mind, body and heart of each child in our care. 


Moral Education 

One of our chief goals at Miyabi is to teach children empathy and the difference between right and wrong. In teaching children the difference between right and wrong (wisdom), we also seek to instill the confidence and courage in them to choose to do the right thing. This education will help children develop their social skills and how to manage feelings in varying situations. We seek to teach these important principles via role play, examples and in real time/life situations where there may be an opportunity to provide wisdom or highlight and praise. 

Otoban (3 years plus children) 

Otoban is an elected child who takes on the responsibility of doing the class register, stating how many children there are in the class for the day, and mentioning the weather forecast – all children take turns in this role and are selected randomly. At Miyabi, we want to help nurture and develop leadership traits in our children, and we believe that the class otoban is an excellent opportunity to take responsibility and pride in an important duty. 



At Miyabi we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, a framework established to develop the personality, talents and abilities of all children in childcare, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, learning difficulties or disabilities. which pin points seven key areas, in addition to characteristics of effective learning.  

As the world becomes more and more digital, we believe that there is a definite need for our children to be competent in the area of technology. Technology gives children a sense of control and thus confidence, which is very important. Cameras, tablets, scanners, projectors are all sources of wonder for children who marvel at the things that can happen at the touch of a button. Our daily plans are set up so that they have a healthy amount of exposure to various types of technical devices. 


We believe that routines not only build familiarity for children, but they are also useful in developing good habits. Our routines are integral to our goal of developing good etiquette in our children. 
Radio Taiso – 3 minute exercise routine done with staff and children
Asa no kai – where the class greet each other and the teacher, otoban leads the class register
Washing hands before lunch
A short word of gratitude before lunch
Cleaning up after lunch
The practice of keeping their belongings in the same place
The practice of labelling their items
Short song and leaving assembly before pick up


At Miyabi, we believe in teaching children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. We use our meal times as an opportunity to teach the children how food is made and where it comes from, contributing to their understanding of the world. We have a mini farm where the children can plant their own vegetables and fruit.


Cleanliness has always been paramount to our wellbeing, but even more so of late. Our practices such as washing hands before meals, indoor and outdoor shoes, brushing their teeth after meals, and tidying up all help to promote a lifestyle of cleanliness.

After lunch cleaning

We teach children from a very young age the value of a clean environment. We believe the best way to do this is to give each child a role in cleaning the class after lunch, with each child set a specific role each day – making this fun with music and narration. This practice further enhances our mission for our children to work in a team and to remain modest. Cleaning as a regular routine at nursery helps build the habit of taking responsibility for the things and places that they use.

Radio Taiso (ラジオ体操)

Every morning staff and children, gather together and perform a set of callisthenics set to music which lasts around 3 minutes. These exercises are child friendly and can also be performed sitting down. Radio Taiso is not only good to promote good physical health, but it also creates a feeling of oneness between staff and children.

Exposure to nature

We believe that in this digital age, it is important to help children fall in love with nature and its many wonders. We do this by playing in our field, amongst the trees, leaves and mud, in all seasons and participating in forest school. We seek a good balance between indoor and outdoor play.


We recognise the importance of physical health and the by-effect it has on mental health. We have a range of sports available at Miyabi, during term time and afterschool, with further links to sports clubs for those who want to join a team. These sports include: football, tennis, rugby, athletics.
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